Saturday, April 13, 2013


 On first glance, I thought Linda Johansen's book Fabric Dyers Dictionary was the complete book on how to mix every possible combination.  After all, there are about a thousand different formulas in it.  You'd think that would cover it all.

This last week I've been doing the Rainbows in the beginning of her book.  I mistakenly thought the next part would be variations on mixing the 'clears' with the 'muted'.  But, she doesn't even go into that at all!  I was surprised.  

Seems to me, mixing the cool 'clears' with the warmer 'muteds' is where the wild variations would come into play.  I think they became even more intriguing to me since they weren't in her book.  I've had a lot of experience with this, mixing my acrylic paints.  I had definite likes and dislikes in that regard.

I first had to devise a plan, which colors to mix with which colors.  I even made a page in Excel and printed them out with numbers and yellow highlighting and everything, to keep it straight in my head.

Here's what I got:

The Yellows to the Reds:

Yellows to Reds variations

Golden Yellow (warm) to Fuchsia (cool)

Lemon Yellow (cool) to Chinese Red (warm)

The Red to Blue Variations:

Chinese Red (warm) to Turquoise (cool)

Fuchsia (cool) to Cobalt (warm)

And then after all my planning and organizing I forgot one of the green variations.  I'll get to it next week.  But here is the one I did do:

Turquoise (cool) to Golden Yellow (warm)

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