Friday, August 5, 2011


There was an interesting article in the latest issue of QUILTING ARTS Magazine about Ice Dyeing.  That's the August/September 2011, Issue 52.

I have a large tray that I used for wetting paper for printing, but I had a hard time finding some kind of screen to put on top of it.  We ended up taking apart an unused baby-gate and I used on side of it over the tray.  It worked okay, it's major downfall being that the ice can fall through the large holes.  I would suggest a window screen or a shelving rack with smaller holes.

So, first you soak your fabric in a soda ash solution.

Then the art here is in how you fold the fabrics.  I tried several different ways, even just bunching it up.  Then I put them all on the screen close together.

Then pile on ice cubes.
Then sprinkle on the dry dye pigments.  I used three different colors.


Isn't that beautiful!
I found myself sitting there staring at the beautiful colors as the dyes ate into the ice and started to melt onto the fabrics.
Then I realized I was sitting there watching ice melt and I got up and went to do something productive.

The next morning, the ice is melted.  I rinsed out the fabrics and hung them up to dry.

Depending on how you fold them, you get some interesting results. 

Great fun!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Okay, if you read the previous post, you know I messed up.

So, here's the re-do after actually reading the directions.

Much better, and the fabrics on the left are more what I had in mind, next to the mistakes on the right:

And here are the fabrics shown with the quilt top in the background.   

Now I just have to make the back.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I got this great new book  a while back-

Fabric Dyer's Dictionary: 900+ Colors, Specialty Techiniques, The Only Dyeing Book You'll Ever Need!

 So, when I decided I was going to dye some fabrics for the back of the Denver quilt I've been working on, I pulled it out and looked through it for the colors I wanted and set out to dye them.

I tore up some half yard pieces, got the dyes and other stuff out and started measuring.  It seemed like a lot of dye, but hey, its been a long time since I dyed any fabric.

When I put the fabric into the bags it looked really dark....hmmm. 

Maybe I should look at the book a little closer and actually READ it.

Oops, I did do it wrong.  Don't get me wrong - it's a great book.  I just didn't actually read all that I should have before I dove in.

I did use waaaay toooooo much dye.  I tried diluting it, but it was too late, the dye was already into the fabric. Oh, well.

But, it turned out beautiful, but it's darker than I wanted.